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Kindolin strives to provide a service to customers where they can find freelancers to fulfill their wildest dreams. We enable you to gather freelancers to help you create something great.

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The choice is yours when choosing a freelancer, we provide ratings and a link to the users portfolio so you can make an informed decision.


Kindolin's administration team individually vets each freelancer to ensure they are able to produce a quality product before we take them onboard.


We'll never leave your side. All deals are monitored by our administration team to ensure you are having the best experience possible.


All payments pass through us first - this allows us to enforce a rigorous protection policy for both you and the freelancers. Read more on our full features page.

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We have freelancers in all these key areas.

Web Developer
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Graphics Designer
Bot Developer
Video Editor

Rocket your business to success

We have a diverse group of freelancers with unique skillsets that are able to create impactful content powering your business to success.
Kindolin is ran by seasoned freelancers, we constantly pass our knowledge down ensuring you have an unbeatable experience with us.
Our determination to help you create something great makes us a powerful backbone and support-line for you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

Kindolin is a freelancing agency built with the idea to provide a unique moderated content commissioning process whilst still maintaining the so frequently lost communication between the client and the freelancer.
We love Discord! We think it's a great and efficient way for you hire freelancers, currently the commission process is handled through our Discord server.
Here at Kindolin we believe that scammers are the cavemen of the freelance community, we completely protect you from scammers, without fail.
All money goes through us first - meaning that there is no monetary contact between your balance and the freelancers balance, however, that's not the best part. The freelancer never sees a penny of your payment until you are satisfied, completely voiding their ability to scam you.
The cut we take differs based on order amount, more expensive orders are higher risk for us. Therefore, we take 5% for orders under £100 and we take 10% for orders that are £100 or over.
Become a Partner

Use our platform as an outlet to reach your own goals at no monetary cost! We aim to provide a useful platform to our partners that enables them to fulfill their dreams whilst providing deeper involvement in Kindolin and it's future. We put the power in your hands.

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